The Super System Mentorship Group

The Most Powerful and Profitable Business Secret Revealed

In this Powerful Money-Making Group, You'll Discover How to Make $50,000 or More Per Month with a "Plug-and-Play" Strategy Where You Take Tested-and-Proven Fully Automated Business Model to Make Unlimited Amounts of Money Online and Offline!  NOW IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO FINALLY GET YOUR HOME-BASED BUSINESS OFF THE GROUND ONCE AND FOR ALL!


Silver (Lite) Mentorship Level Includes:

The Silver (Lite) Level is Best for Online Entrepreneurs Who Want to Stick Solely With Affiliate Marketing and Who DO NOT Want to Create and Promote Their Own Products!
  • Affiliate Membership to a BRAND NEW Continuity Program That Can Earn You Commissions of $148.50 to $498.50 Per Customer Per Month: 100 Customers = $64,700/Month (Avg.)
  • 2-Day "Crash Course" on How The Super System Works
  • 8-Week Online Mentorship Group for The Super System, Showing You Step-by-Step to Building Your Business
  • A Built-Out Complete Money Funnel For the New Opportunity
  • The Million-Dollar Email Templates for Your Email Follow-Up Series for Your New Super System

Gold Mentorship Level Includes:

The Gold Level is Best for Those Who Want Access to Affiliate Opportunities But Who May Want to ADD Their Own Product(s) for Max Profits + Have Us Build Their Online Ads For Them!
  • Everything in Silver (Lite) Plus...
  • Your Own Course/Product So You Can Get 100% of the Profits on Every Sale (This is Optional)
  • CUSTOM Website For Your Product (or Affiliate Campaign)
  • Additional Products to Flesh Out Your Wheelhouse Product Line (Yours or Affiliate) for Maximum Profits
  • Deadline Integration Secrets Revealed 
  • Your Initial Facebook OR YouTube Video Ads Built Out

Platinum Mentorship Level Includes:

The Platinum Level is Best for Online Entrepreneurs Who Want Access to Build Out Their Own Business From Scratch Including Putting Together a Simple Book/Report/Video and Creating a Simple "Signature Core" Product (Such as a 6- to 8-Week Mentorship) for Mid-High-Ticket Sales of $997 to $2,997 Per Sale on an "Automated" Basis WITHOUT Doing Phone Call Sales.  This is the Level to Choose If You DO NOT Have ANY Interest in Figuring Out the Tech or Business-Building Grind Because It'll All Be Done FOR You.
  • Everything in Silver (Lite) and Gold Above Plus...
  • Fully Built Out Business Including...
  • Fully Built Out Deadline Sequenced Email Series
  • Fully Built Out Deadline Website Funnels
  • Set Up Your Facebook AND YouTube Video Ads (Both)
  • Platinum Level Apprenticeship Group Membership
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